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Special Features

The Unitarian Response to the Flu Epidemic of 1918-1919 (a short video)

How Unitarians and Universalists responded to great epidemic of the early twentieth century.

A Timeline of Unitarian Universalist Relationships to Native American Peoples and Nations

Begins with the Unitarian attempts to Christianize Native persons, up to current day reparations.

UniElizabeth Palmer Peabodytarianism and Buddhism: Past and Present

The relationship between Buddhism and Unitarianism, historically from Transcendentalism to the modernization of Buddhism in Japan, as well as present day affinities, and the surprising story of how Unitarians played a role in modernizing Buddhism for a Western audience

James Luther Adams (in his own words): Unitarianism and the Resistance to Fascism (a video)  

How JLA’s experiences in Nazi Germany framed his–and Unitarian Universalism’s–theology of social justice.

Longest Running Soap Opera Ever Inspired by Unitarian Minister

Bibliotherapy: Which Books Do Your Prescribe for which Human Condition?

A History of Death: Unitarian Universalist Style

How Unitarian theologies literally changed the landscape for the dead.

Take our fun Harvard Square Quiz, Which Historically Important Unitarian Universalist Are You?

Find out which historical UU figure you resonate with; we hope that their life might prove inspirational for you!

  The Pentagon Papers and the UUA

How the UUA risked everything in the decision to publish the Pentagon Papers.

Covenant:  Beyond Confrontational Politics

How two 20th century Unitarian thinkers returned to the ancient concept of covenant as the best means of renewing the ethical commitments of democracies inside and outside of the churches.

Unitarian Politicians and Other Oxymorons: Lessons from the Life and Times of Adlai Stevenson

A look at the distinctively Unitarian Universalist views that Adlai Stevenson carried into politics.

A Christmas Book

How the Unitarians and Universalists Invented Christmas; Plus five historic Unitarian Christmas stories.

Fast Day: A History of Thanksgiving by Dean Grodzin

Americans have forgotten Fast Day, it was paired with Thanksgiving and considered its necessary complement

Summer Reading: Exploring Unitarian Universalist History in Novels

Water Rituals and Ingatherings:  Revitalized 

At look at the origins of these two Unitarian Universalist traditions helps revitalize their meaning.