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Charles Hartshorne in 1991A New World View by Charles Hartshorne

In this anthology, writings by Charles Hartshorne reveal God not as a supernatural force but as the deathless cosmic life of which our lives are a part; including his reflections on death, abortion, and process theology.

Prof. Matthew Meselson and Moderator Herbert Vetter at the Cambridge Forum session on the controversial topic “Should we halt recombinant DNA research?”

American Philosophers Speak of God by Herb Vetter

Compiled by founding director, this anthology looks at role of God in the modern world as understood by William Ernest Hocking, Charles Hartshorne, John E. Smith, John Dewey, and Alfred North Whitehead.

Herbert VetterIs God Necessary? by Herb Vetter

The question addressed in this book  is not a new one but is of perennial importance. What is new is that a great new discovery answers this question decisively in the twenty-first century as Darwin’s theory of evolution did in the nineteenth century.


Portrait of JLAJLA (James Luther Adams): Prophet to the Powerful 

This comprehensive collection of texts by and about James Luther Adams covers the amazing range of thought by Unitarian Universalism’s most beloved social ethicist and theologian.  Exclusive to Harvard Square Library.


The Living Legacy of Ralph Waldo Emerson

This HSL exclusive presentation draws from a series of programs and resource materials developed for the Emerson bicentennial in 2003.



Fire-Water-Earth-Air, by Herbert F. Vetter

Symbols of Power by Herb Vetter

In this online exhibition of artwork that has previously appeared in the Andover-Harvard Library at the Harvard Divinity School, Herbert Vetter uses colors and geometrical patterns in an attempt to convey a variety of abstract themes and religious thoughts.