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Denominational Administration & Governance

Congregational Polity 101

The essential components of congregational polity in six principles and four primary source voices.

Unitarian Universalist–Historic General Assembly Minutes  

Minutes of the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly, 1962-2018; plus, the original 1961 Bylaws.  Of special interest is the Women and Religion Resolution of the 1977, 1984 Principles and Purposes.

Polity Among the Unitarian Universalists by Peter Raible

This classic anthology of primary sources in UU polity includes contextualizing comments by Raible.  This volume was originally intended for use in seminary courses in UU Polity, and still serves as the definitive collection of text relative to the history and practice of UU governance.

1915 program coverThe Universalist Convocation of 1915

The Universalist Convocation of 1915 was held in Pasadena, California, a historic first in terms of extending the attention of denominational governance to the Pacific Coast.  A train that ran from Boston to California, picking up Universalist pilgrims along the way, was especially commissioned for the event.