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Art and Religion by Von Odgen Vogt (1921)

Van Ogden Vogt (1879-1964) was a Unitarian minister and master liturgist and expositor of worship theory.



Celebrating Easter and Spring by Harris,  Seaburg (2000)

This collection of hymns and readings intended to help UUs celebrate the spring season and the Easter holiday.




Ceremonies for Special Services in Universalist Churches by the Humiliati (1949)

A collection of rituals and services reflective of “Emergent Universalism”



Orders of Service for Public Worship  by Anna Garlin Spencer (1896)

Thirty two worship services designed by the minister at the Bell Street Chapel, in the style of the Free Religious Association and the Western Unitarian Conference.



Prayers of Power, Herbert Vetter, editor (2009)

This is an anthology of powerful prayers that were assembled from many different global sources by HSL’s Founding Director, on the theme of reverence for life.



Prayers for Today, Herbert Vetter, editor (2004)

These prayers were compiled by HSL’s Founding Director as celebrations of life from a wide range of sources.



Unity Festivals by the Western Unitarian Sunday School Society (1884)

This book contains a services for Easter, Flower Celebration, Harvest, National Day, Christening, and Congregational Covenant, in the style of midwestern Unitarianism under the leadership of Jenkin Lloyd Jones.


We Speak of Life; We Sing of Life by Vincent Stillman (1955)

These are two liturgical resources, with words and songs for worship, that were published as a joint project of the Unitarian and Ethical Culture traditions.