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Preface to Parts II and III: America’s New Vision of God

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Is God Necessary? NO! and YES!

By Herbert F. Vetter

Preface to America’s New Vision of God

A new discovery comparable to Darwin’s theory of evolution and Einstein’s theory of relativity (symbolized by the equation E = mc2) is the theory of power as divine relativity or panentheism developed primarily by a group of amazing American thinkers sometimes known as process philosophers. Among them are Charles Sanders Peirce, William James, William Ernest Hocking, Alfred North Whitehead, and Charles Hartshorne.

For brief descriptions of them and their bold contributions to a new vision of God which commands celebration, see The Harvard Square God, by Herbert F. Vetter.

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Preface to God and the Modern World

“God and the Modern World” is a theme which has been a precious part of my liberal ministry since 1960.

In addition to hosting occasional annual events at the continental General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association, I have done the same on a small scale for many years with respect to colloquium gatherings at Harvard University, where I served as one of the chaplains. Our invited speakers for these informal colloquia open to the public were natural scientists, social scientists, and humanities faculty and practioners. These events were presented by the Cambridge Forum, of which I was the director for twenty years.