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Wallace W. Robbins: Prayers

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O God, who has given us the gift of courage so that we may endure hardness and meet danger with a resolute will, grant us Your spiritual benediction that we may have hope to carry us through frustration with good cheer and through defeats with an unrelenting faith in the ultimate victory of Your purpose.


O God, who hates illusion and loves reality: grant us a strong grasp of facts and a fair vision of truth; that neither the frights of pain nor the baits of false hopes may misdirect us, nor may we be kept from seeking You with a brave heart.

Wallace W. Robbins (1910-1988) was a Unitarian pastor and educator. He was president of Meadville Theological School at the University of Chicago from 1944-1956. After this appointment, he returned to his home state of Massachusetts to serve as minister of First Unitarian Church in Worcester.