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Prayers for Today: Manchester College, Oxford University

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Manchester College, Oxford University

Manchester College, Oxford University

MANCHESTER COLLEGE, OXFORD UNIVERSITY. These prayers are from Orders of Public Worship: for Use in the Chapel of Manchester College, Oxford, the Unitarian Nonconformist theological school for the education of ministers.


Almighty and eternal God, before whom stand the spirits of the living and the dead, we praise You for the wise of every land and age, and for all teachers of humanity:

We praise You, O God.

For the martyrs and faithful witnesses of whom the world was not worthy; and for all who have resisted falsehood and wrong unto suffering and death:

We praise You, O God.

For all who have labored and suffered for free choice, for good government and just laws; for all who have sought to lighten the burden of oppressed peoples in many places of the earth:

We praise You, O God.

For the dear friends and kindred of our homes whose faces we see no more, but whose love is with us forever; for the teachers and companions of our own childhood and youth, and the members of our household of faith who worked and worshipped with us:

We give thanks to You, O God.

We pray that we may hold them in continual remembrance; that their wisdom may rest upon us; and that we keep in fellowship both with the faithful and true of all ages and climes and with our beloved dead who dwell in peace:

We who now live and labor on earth unite in ascribing unto You, O God, all honor, dominion and power, worlds without end.


Almighty God, from whom comes every good and perfect gift, we lift up our voices in thanksgiving. For all the gifts You have bestowed upon us, for the life You have given us, and for the world in which we live:

We praise You, O God.

For the work we are empowered to do; for the beauty and bounty of the world; for seed-time and harvest and the varied gifts each season brings:

We praise You, O God.

For all the gladness of life; for the comfort of home and the charm of companions; for the constancy and change of nature:

We praise You, O God.

For the achievement of freedom in well ordered communities; for laws which advance justice and equality of opportunity; for education which enhances life through the arts and sciences of power:

We praise You, O God.

Through knowledge of You as we experience the world; for prophets and seers who are open to new truth; and for all lovers and helpers of humanity:

We praise You, O God.

For the disciplines of freedom which enlarge our souls; for endless opportunities to help those in need; for occasions of rest and relaxation which encourage us toward new adventure:

We praise You, O God, and will constantly praise You through all the days of our years.


Dear Deathless Power, the confidence of all the ends of the earth, and of them that are afar upon the sea and those who move in space: we would enlarge our faith that we may think of needs beyond our own.

We pray for all nations and their leaders that they may walk in the ways of justice and peace; for people of all faiths throughout the world, that they may be illumined by Your light and be guided by Your spirit;

We pray for our cities and towns, that those who govern may be wise and courageous, and that our citizens may so cultivate tolerance and reason that our differences may not deeply divide us, nor our practices dishonor us, nor our conflicts leave us embittered.

We pray for all who seek, day after day, to guide the opinions of people: for thinkers, writers, broadcasters, teachers, prophets, that inspired by realistically high ideals, they may communicate what is true and uphold what is just.

We pray for all artists and craftspeople, poets and musicians, who enrich the world with beauty and skill; for those who seek out nature and declare the wonders of our environment; that through their gifts and discoveries our common life may be enlarged and adorned.

We pray for all who buy and sell and get gain, that they seek no advantage for themselves that would hinder the good of all; for all who work in field or factory, office, laboratory or home, by whose labors we are clothed and fed; for all who toil beneath the earth or fly the pathway of the air; for all who go to sea in ships; for all men and women in their various callings, that they may have joy and gladness in their work.

Enable us to build a community of creative life on earth. Open our eyes that we may see the beauty of Your world and contribute to Your good works evermore.