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Prayers for Today: John Haynes Holmes

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John Haynes Holmes

John Haynes Holmes

JOHN HAYNES HOLMES (1879-1964). The prophetic eloquence of this minister of the Community Church of New York correlated with his commitment as a director of the National Association of Colored People, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the All World Gandhi Fellowship. Read More…


O’er continent and ocean,
From city, field, and wood,
Still speak, O God, Your messengers
Of peace and humanhood.
In Athens and Benares,
In Rome and Galilee,
They fronted kings and conquerors
And taught humanity.

We hear, O God, these voices
And hail them as Your own;
They speak as speak the winds and tides
On planets far and lone.
Your word alone remains strong;
That word we speak again,
O’er sea and shore and continent
To all the earth’s children.


O God of all, whose spirit moves
From pole to silent pole;
Whose purpose binds the starry spheres
In one stupendous whole;
Whose life, like light, is freely poured
On all beneath the sun;
To You we lift our hearts, and pray
That You will make us one.

One in the truth that makes us free,
The faith that makes us brave;
One in the love that suffers long,
To seek, and serve, and save;
One in the vision of Your peace,
The Kingdom yet to be—
When You shall be the God of all,
And You be one with me.


O God, whose love is over all
The children of Your grace,
Whose rich and tender blessings fall
On every age and place;
Hear now the songs and prayers we raise
In eager joy to You,
And teach us, as we sound Your praise,
In all things You to view.

To see You in each quiet home
Where faith and love abide,
In school and church, where all may come,
To seek You side by side;
To see You in each human life,
Each struggling human heart,
Each path by which, in eager strife,
We seek the better part.