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Prayers for Today: Frederick Lucian Hosmer

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Frederick Lucian Hosmer

Frederick Lucian Hosmer

FREDERICK LUCIAN HOSMER (1840-1919). He supplemented his Unitarian ministry in Cleveland, Ohio, St. Louis, Missouri, and Berkeley, California by his writing of hymns which gave lyrical expression to faith sung by congregations of many denominations. Few, if any, American versemakers have had so many of their hymns published. For Hosmer’s full biography, click here.


O God of Life, where’er they be,
Safe in Your own eternity,
Our dead are living faithfully.


All souls are Yours, and here or there,
They rest within Your shelt’ring care;
One providence alike they share.


Your word is true, Your ways are just;
Above the requiem, ‘Dust to dust,’
Shall rise our psalm of grateful trust.


O happy they in You who rest,
No more by fear and doubt oppressed!
Living or dying they are blest.



We pray no more, made lowly wise,
For miracle and sign;
Anoint our eyes to see within
The common, the divine.

‘Lo here! lo there!’ no more we cry,
Dividing with our call
The mantle of Your presence, God,
That seamless covers all.

We turn from seeking You afar,
And in unwonted ways,
To build from out our daily lives
The temples of Your praise.

As if Your casual comings, God,
To hearts of old were dear,
What joy shall dwell within the faith
That feels You ever near!

And Nobler yet shall duty grow,
And more shall worship be,
When You are found in all our life,
In others and in me.


When shadows gather on our way,
Fast deep’ning as the night,
Be You, O God, the spirit’s stay,
Our Inward Light.

Amid the outward toil and strife,
The world’s dull roar and din,
Still speak Your word of higher life,
Dear Voice within.

When burdens sore upon us press,
And vexing cares increase,
Spring as a fount of quietness,
Our hidden Peace.

Though fond hopes fail, and joy depart,
And friends should faithless prove,
O, save us from the bitter heart,
Indwelling Love.