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Joachim Wach: O Holy One

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Enlighten our minds, O Holy One, so we may understand each other and be saved from sterility of mind.
Fill us with a sense of the urgency of our task.
Save us from disabling despair and from undue optimism.
Help us to continue daily self-examination which prevents us from sinking into mere routine and enables us to understand the ever new quest for truth.
We seek encouragement not to falter in the light of disappointments and difficulties accompanying the confusions this day and age.
Guard us against subtle temptations to conform, to keep silent when we should stand up and speak.
May we hear the voice of our neighbor in all the narrower and wider communities of which we find ourselves members: the family, the local community, the nation, the continent, the region, the world.
Illuminate our minds so we may search for meaning in history and understand what You teach us.
May we find ways and means by which to communiicate a sense of Your presence in history to those who are entrusted to our care.
May we render service to the growing, worldwide movement of creative community.

Joachim Wach (1898-1955) was a pioneer scholar in the field of religious history. Born in Saxony, Wach was educated in Germany and later became a professor at University of Leipzig and University of Chicago.