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Gerald Heard

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Fathomless Ocean of Love, ever creating the universe anew: give us grace to go about all our doings cheerfully, rhythmically, with hearts lifted high, knowing that no matter how troubled the surface water of life seem to be, we are constantly upheld by Your deep tides of joy.


God of the universe, who calls us to participate in life’s divine dance, we would trustingly swing into the unfolding design of life. At every inner prompting of Your spirit, may we forget ourselves in unhesitating desire to help fulfill Your creative purposes.


O God, as we acknowledge that every good thing comes from You, we pray we may practice day by day:
Humility without despair,
Trust without conceit,
Love without jealousy,
Strength without domination,
Gentleness without weakness.

Gerald Heard (1889-1971) pioneered the consciousness-development movement known as Vedanta through writing, lecturing, disciplined meditation, and founding a small community for comparative-religious studies called Trabuco College in California. Heard came to the U.S. from England in 1937 to teach historical anthropology at Duke University. While in England, Heard was the BBC’s first science commentator. He published more than thirty books.