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Fred Gillis: Meditation on Many Places

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We come from many places seeking a center for our lives, a sense of wholeness.
We come from dry places where the words and the knowledge seem broken into brittle fragments that do not cohere.
We come from overfilled places where information abounds, but there is no real understanding.
We come from hard places where feelings are dulled, hollow places where meanings seem empty.
Now, at this time of quiet reflection, we come to be emptied and filled with life’s Spirit that flows in and among us and through the world.
Empty us of the clatter and confusion, the information we thought all-sufficient.
Quiet our minds; center our spirits; ground our being.
Enable us to find Your power that is already within us, power for love, creativity, hope.
Open our eyes to the sustenance that already surrounds and up holds us.
Help us to see the miracle of life in each moment and each cubic inch of space offering a gift of opportunity.
May our minds be open to wisdom, our spirits open to grace.

Fred Gillis (1940- ) is the Minister Emeritus of the Westminster Unitarian Church of East Greenwich, Rhode Island, which he served for twenty-six years. He was one of the original members of Abraxas, a community developing creative worship materials published as a Book of Hours for retreats.