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The Unitarians and the Universalists

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The Unitarians and the Universalists

by David Robinson

(Greenwood, 1985)

David Robinson
David Robinson

This book of Unitarian Universalist history is the only such major work in print (1991). As such it has to be assigned for any history course and so it is assumed that students will already be familiar with it. If not, it should be purchased and read along with the appropriate sections of polity assignments.

The second part, which is a biographical dictionary of Unitarian and Universalist leaders, is also a helpful reference.

In particular, Chapters 2 – 4 cover Unitarian beginnings and Chapters 5 and 6 recount the Universalist experience. Chapters 7 – 9 cover the period from the Transcendentalists to roughly 1900. Chapter 10 is devoted particularly to social reform and Chapter 11 to the humanist controversy. The final chapter on “Liberal Religion in the Modern Age” is particularly helpful, for Robinson covers a period not recounted elsewhere.

The full text of the material to which Raible refers is not included due to copyright restrictions. Copies are readily available online as well as at libraries.