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Acknowledgements for “Polity Among the UUs,” by Peter Raible

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Many persons have helped immeasurably in the preparation of this work on polity. The Theological Grants Panel of the Unitarian Universalist Association, chaired by the Reverend Lee Barker and staffed by the Reverend Ellen Brandenburg, provided the finances which allowed the work to go forward and be published.

The Reverend Patricia Bowen did the major work on the Universalist portion and was of invaluable help on the entire project. Her editing skills and judgments were a great asset along the way

The Reverend Leon Hopper drew on his extensive knowledge, his polity teaching, and a sojourn at Meadville/Lombard Theological School, while on sabbatical, to aid in several ways, particularly in evaluating documents for potential use.

A number of ministers, who were teaching UU polity in various schools, were generous in sharing their reading lists, course outlines and concepts of polity. These were: George (Kim) Beach, Harry Green, Daniel Hotchkiss, Edwin Lynn, John Nichols, Priscilla Taunstein

The seemingly easy preparation and compiling of materials proved to be far more complex and time consuming that I would have believed. I am particularly indebted to Alice Springer and Debby Hamby of the University Unitarian Church of Seattle staff for their ongoing efforts. Judy Kimmerer, the UUC bookkeeper, maintained the accounts for the project. Church member, Earl Wheatley, produced the thousand upon thousands of pages which make up the finished project.

The whole effort was far more taxing that I naively thought when I began. Therefore, my special blessings on all who combined patience and push to move to the editor toward the finish line……..

-Peter Raible