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Ceremonies for Special Services in Universalist Churches, 1949, Humiliati


In the mid 1940’s, a young group of seminary graduates from the Crane School of Theology at Tufts University had a vision.  Concerned that Universalism was outdated and in fatal decline, this small group of ministers at the beginning of their careers sought to “pursue an intense spiritual journey into ministry and work mightily to transform the Universalist Church from a struggling dissident Christian sect into a religion of greatness.” …

Glorious Women: Award-Winning Sermons About Women

Glorious Women: Award Winning Sermons About Women is a collection of sermons by Unitarian Universalist women which won the MSUU (Ministerial Sisterhood Unitarian Universalist) Award between 1984 and 2004. Edited by Dorothy May Emerson, the sermons are by women and men – predominately women – and entrants to the contest were instructed to address their sermon to the topic of “women and the experience of being a woman.”…

Art & Religion

by Von Ogden Vogt

Author Von Ogden Vogt (1879-1964) was a master liturgist who excelled at celebrating Life in the liberal religious tradition while serving as the minister of the First Unitarian Church of Chicago. Now available free online is Vogt’s book, Art and Religion.…

The Meditations of Arthur Foote II

 To read the Harvard Square Library biography of Arthur Foote II, click here.


We would open our ears to all the varied music of the world: the melodies of human voices, the swelling harmonies of many instruments, and all the music not made by us: the songs of wind and bird, the thunder’s tympani the rhythms of running water.