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The Pamphlet Podcast: Uncovering Unitarian Universalism’s Hidden Histories

The Pamphlet Podcast was podcast a co-hosted by Rev. Dr. Susan Ritchie and Rev. Sean Neil-Barron in 2016-2017.  Together they uncovered the hidden histories of Unitarian Universalism.  The Harvard Square Library is pleased to offer an archive of those shows here.…

Timeline of Unitarian Universalist Relationships with Native American Peoples and Nations

This is a living and evolving document.  If you have material you feel should be included, please let us know at harvardsquarelibrary@gmail.com

Our timeline includes only those persons, institutions, and organization explicitly self-identified as Unitarian, Universalist, or Unitarian Universalist.  


The Humiliati: Reinventing Universalism, 1946-1954


In the mid 1940’s, a young group of seminary graduates from the Crane School of Theology at Tufts University had a vision.  Concerned that Universalism was outdated and in fatal decline, this small group of ministers at the beginning of their careers sought to “pursue an intense spiritual journey into ministry and work mightily to transform the Universalist Church from a struggling dissident Christian sect into a religion of greatness.” …

On Thanksgiving Day, Remember Fast Day: a feature by Dean Grodzins


Americans have forgotten Fast Day, although it once was as important a holiday as Thanksgiving. In fact, it was paired with Thanksgiving and considered its necessary complement.

Thanksgiving and Fast Day originated together in colonial New England. Most Americans think Thanksgiving celebrations started in 1621, when Pilgrim settlers and Wampanoag Indians feasted at Plymouth.…

Program and Reports at the Universalist Convention of 1915

The United Universalist Conventions featured formal times for the presentation of reports from various groups, including the Young People’s Christian Union, the Women’s National Missionary Association, and the General Sunday School Association. Formal addresses were punctuated by times for worship and song, as the convention also made time to celebrate the dedication of the Los Angeles Universalist Church.…

The Church in Harvard Square: Introduction


A series of 14 panels was prepared for installation in the narthex (vestibule) of the Meeting House of the First Parish and the First Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Unitarian Universalist). Here is an online version of that document which celebrates the history of the Church from the early seventeenth century to the early twentieth century.…

Sacred Service in Civic Space

Three Hundred Years of Community Ministry in Unitarian Universalism

by Kathleen R. Parker

About the Book 

This unique contribution to the Unitarian Universalist history chronicles the remarkable work of lay and ordained UU ministers in areas of social justice, chaplaincy, authorship and the arts, and educational and institutional leadership.

Unitarianism in America, by George Willis Cooke

Harvard Square Library presents this historic article by scholar George Willis Cooke, written over 100 years ago and detailing the history of Unitarianism in America in the nineteenth century. The article describes many of the historic figures in American Unitarianism. Although some contemporary, twenty-first scholars could no doubt critique the article for its self-congratulatory approach, it can nevertheless be read as itself a historical document exhibiting Unitarianism’s view of itself at the beginning of the twentieth century.…