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Introduction to “The Harvard Book: Images and Portraits”

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The Harvard Book, cover
The Harvard Book, cover

In 1875 F.O. Vaille and H.A. Clark collected and published The Harvard Book, a two-volume series of historical, biographical, and descriptive sketches profusely illustrated with 75 fine heliotype plates and many wood engravings. These two huge leather-bond, gold-embossed volumes were a gift from the late Edith Maream Stebbins, a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Parish in Milton, Massachusetts. It has an abundance of historic visual art now shared worldwide online.

-Herbert F. Vetter, 2009
Minister at Large, Emeritus
The First Parish in Cambridge, Unitarian Universalist

The title page of The Harvard Book reads as follows: 

Collected and Published by

F.O. Vaille and H.A. Clark

Class of 1874





The updated 2014 Harvard Square Library presentation of images from The Harvard Book contains over 150 images from The Harvard Book. Images can be viewed as thumbnails, played in a full-screen slideshow, and downloaded in high resolution. We have arranged the images according to category.  To see the images in their original context online, you can look at The Harvard Book on archive.org.

Table of Contents

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