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Gifts from Harvard Square Library

Harvard Square Library exists solely on the basis of donations.  If you have benefitted from any of our materials, and/or if making Unitarian Universalist intellectual heritage materials widely available and free is a value to you, please donate whatever you can–every little bit helps: Donate 

Gifts from Harvard Square Library

The Unitarian and Universalist Invention of Christmas;  An Anthology of Historic Unitarian Christmas Stories

An essay on the role of Unitarians and Universalists in establishing the practice of Christmas celebrations in the United States is followed by an anthology of historically interesting Christmas stories authored by Unitarians.  Order the paperback here;   Order the Kindle version here.



Add “This Day in Unitarian Universalist History” to your own website or blog (free)

Click here for complete instructions.     This adds a side bar to your website or blog that changes daily, offering an important date in Unitarian Universalist history and related graphic, exactly like that on the front page of our Harvard Square Library site.


James Luther Adams: Prophet to the Powerful by Herbert F. Vetter

In James Luther Adams one finds the curious, and sometimes contradictory, combination of medieval saint, Renaissance humanist, Marxist critic, Enlightenment encyclopedist, sectarian enthusiast, and bourgeois compulsive.   This is an excellent collection of his works, with and introduction by Herbert Vetter.  Order the kindle or the paperback here.