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Zvi Dor-Ner

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Zvi Dor-NerIn addition to the International Emmy and George Foster Peabody Award-winning People’s Century, Zvi Dor-Ner has executive produced such celebrated programs as Apollo 13: To the Edge and Back, the gripping story of the catastrophic space flight and the struggle, against time and all odds, to bring the astronauts back alive (“Suspense and intrigue as powerful as any manufactured drama.”–The Hollywood Reporter), and Columbus and the Age of Discovery, which doubled the average PBS prime time audience with its premiere (“A major achievement.”—The Wall Street Journal), and for which Dor-Ner authored the series companion book (William Morrow & Company). Other executive producing credits include The Longest Hatred, an analysis of the emergence and persistence of anti-Semitism in the context of religion, nationalism, and national and international conflict (“A fascinating documentary.”—The Los Angeles Times); the thirteen-part series, War and Peace in the Nuclear Age (“Television at its best—Time Magazine); and the Emmy Award-winning business series, Enterprise (“A breakthrough.” —Newsweek). Dor-Ner was also co-originator and producer of Arabs and Israelis, the duPont-Columbia Award-winning seven-part series on the Middle East.

Zvi Dor-Ner began his television career in 1966 as a news cameraman at WGBH while earning his BS in communications at Boston University. He returned to his home in Israel to work as a camera operator, director, and producer for numerous documentary and entertainment programs before returning to WGBH in 1979. Dor-Ner recently completed The 50 Years War— Israel and the Arabs, the inside story of one of history’s most bitter struggles.

—Courtesy of PBS

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