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Susan Ware

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Susan Ware

Susan Ware

Susan Ware is the editor of Notable American Women: A Biographical Dictionary, Completing the Twentieth Century. This volume focuses on events and developments involving women from 1890 to the present. New material includes documents on anti-lynching activism and Indian relocation, excerpts from The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler, expanded chapters on “Sexuality and the Body” and “The State of the Movement for Women’s Equality.” New part introductions provide historical context for and identify key themes that emerge from the documents in each of the book’s three parts, while headnotes, suggestions for further reading, and photo essays supplement this already thorough and intimate look at women’s history in the 20th century.

Susan Ware specializes in twentieth-century U.S. history and the history of American women. She is the author of Still Missing: Amelia Earhart and the Search for Modern Feminism; Partner and I: Molly Dewson, Feminism, and the New Deal Politics; Holding Their Own: American Women in the 1930s; and Beyond Suffrage: Women in the New Deal. Ware taught in the history department of New York University and served as honorary Visiting Scholar at the Schlesinger Library of Radcliffe College.

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