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Joseph Brenner

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Joseph BrennerFounded as Cambridgeport Problem Center in 1970, Community Legal Services and Counseling Center (CLSACC) provides free legal assistance and affordable mental health counseling to people with low incomes throughout the Cambridge-Boston area.

The Dr. Joseph H. Brenner Award is presented each year to an outstanding individual to honor the founder of CLSACC for his vision that volunteer professionals can provide critical services to people with low incomes.

This year (2001) we confer the Dr. Joseph H. Brenner Award on Solutions at Work, a community based multi-service organization run by homeless and formerly homeless people in greater Boston. We honor Solutions at Work and its founder, Macy DeLong, for their dedication and commitment to fighting poverty and homelessness. Drawing on her own experience with mental illness and homelessness, Macy DeLong has worked to build an organization based on the power of people to help themselves and each other out of poverty.

Comprising a job training and employment program, the Furniture Bank, Moving Up moving services, the Children’s Clothing Exchange, and the Speak Up! Speakers bureau, Solutions At Work promotes leadership and employments skills in its paid and volunteer staff while providing essential services to the community. For example, Speak Up! Offers a forum in which people can find their voice, develop advocacy skills, and educate the public about the realities of poverty. Solutions at Work and Macy DeLong embody the spirit of Dr. Brennar by using creative empowerment-based strategies and volunteer resources to fight poverty and homelessness.

—From Solutions at Work

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