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Joan Borysenko

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Joan BorysenkoDr. Joan Borysenko is a spellbinding life balance lecturer and workshop leader. Trained as both a medical scientist and psychologist, Joan Borysenko earned a doctorate in medical sciences at the Harvard Medical School where she also completed post-doctoral fellowships in experimental pathology, behavioral medicine and psychoneuroimmunology and where she was instructor in medicine until 1988. Joan Borysenko has gone beyond her traditional academic training, however, by acquiring depth and breadth of knowledge in a number of fields, including behavioral medicine, stress and well-being, psychoneuroimmunology, women’s health, creativity and the great spiritual traditions of the world. Joan is the Former Director of the Mind/Body Clinic at New England Deaconess Hospital, the Former Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the author of ten books, including Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, The Power of the Mind to Heal, Fire in the Soul, Inner Peace for Busy People, A Woman’s Book of Life and Inner Peace for Busy Women: Balancing Work, Family and Your Inner Life.

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Saying Yes to Change by Joan Borysenko (2005).