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Harold Kushner

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Harold KushnerHarold Kushner is best known for his book, When Bad Things Happen to Good People, an international bestseller published in 1981 and translated into twelve languages.

The Rabbi Laureate of Temple Israel in Natick, Massachusetts, Kushner is acclaimed in the business world as a dynamic speaker, known for his thought-provoking topics. Past lectures include The Soul’s Hunger, which challenges audiences to consider why people have lost sight of many things that once gave meaning to their lives, and When Bad Things Happen to Good People, providing answers to how we understand the unfairness and tragic dimensions of life. Other seminars presented by Kushner include What To Do With the Rest of Your Life and A Religion for the 21st Century.

In 1995, Kushner was honored as one of 50 people who have made the world a better place in the past 50 years. Kushner, who graduated from Columbia University, was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1960 and was awarded a doctoral degree from the same institution in 1972. He holds six honorary doctorates and has studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Harvard Divinity School.

—Courtesy of Mount Union College

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