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Reading the Gospels with Bernard Loomer: The Origin of the Interdependent Web

Most Unitarian Universalists are likely aware of the principle of the Unitarian Universalist Association that calls for the affirmation of “the Interdependent Web of Existence, of which we are all a part.” But how many are aware of the the web by theologian Bernard Loomer? …

The Pamphlet Podcast: Uncovering Unitarian Universalism’s Hidden Histories

The Pamphlet Podcast was podcast a co-hosted by Rev. Dr. Susan Ritchie and Rev. Sean Neil-Barron in 2016-2017.  Together they uncovered the hidden histories of Unitarian Universalism.  The Harvard Square Library is pleased to offer an archive of those shows here.…

Buddhism and Unitarianism: Past and Present

by Wendy Bartlett

A Shared Spiritual Journey: Unitarian Universalism and Buddhism

    One of the “six sources” recognized by the Unitarian Universalist Association reads in part “…wisdom from the world’s religions which inspires us in our ethical and spiritual life…”[1] Although Judaism, Christianity, and humanism are specifically cited in the six sources, somewhat surprisingly, Buddhism is not.

Caron, Sandra Mitchell (1935-1993)

by Wendy Bartlett

UUA Moderator (1977-1985)

     Sandra Mitchell Caron was the first woman to be elected moderator of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Elected in 1977, she was the third person to hold the position, following Joseph Lyman Fisher (served 1964-1977) and Marshall Edward Dimock (served 1960-1963).…

James Luther Adams (in his own words) and the Unitarian Resistance to Fascism

In the 1930’s, James Luther Adams, who would go on to become twentieth century Unitarianism’s most beloved ethicist, arrived in Germany to study theology. He witnessed there first hand the rise of Nazism as well as the responses of the theologians and the churches.
James Luther Adams

Singing Our History

Harvard Square Library is delighted to announce our acquisition of Singing Our History: Tales, Tunes and Texts from Two Centuries of Unitarian and Universalist Hymns by Eugene Navias (Boston: UUA, 1975, used with permission). This lovely collection uses specific hymns as a window through which to view the historic development of Unitarian Universalism.…

Dimock, Marshall Edward (1903-1991)

By Wendy Bartlett

Marshall E(dward) Dimock served as the first post-merger moderator from 1961-64. Though the American Unitarian Association (AUA) under Frederick May Eliot had created a moderator role in 1937, Marshall Dimock was the first person to serve as moderator for the newly formed UUA.…

Unitarian Universalist Congregations and the Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919

This eight minute video highlights the experiences of Unitarian and Universalist congregations during the influenza pandemic of 1918-1919. Please share with attribution as you like–personally, or as a resource for congregational use in worship, education program, or otherwise.


Timeline of Unitarian Universalist Relationships with Native American Peoples and Nations

This is a living and evolving document.  If you have material you feel should be included, please let us know at [email protected]

Our timeline includes only those persons, institutions, and organization explicitly self-identified as Unitarian, Universalist, or Unitarian Universalist.  


Longest Running Soap Opera Ever Inspired by Unitarian Minister


Who Knew it?  The original character on “The Guiding Light,” the longest running television drama ever, was modeled on Chicago’s famous Unitarian Minister, the Rev. Preston Bradley (1888-1983).  The original radio series was developed and written by Irna Phillips (1901-1973), an enormously successful radio actress turned writer.