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Blake, James Vila (1842-1925)

James Vila Blake was active in the ministry for fifty years and the writer of a number of good hymns. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, January 21, 1842, graduated at Harvard in 1862 and from the Divinity School in 1866.…

Mann, Newton (1836-1926)

Newton Mann was born at Cazenovia, New York, January 6, 1836, the son of Darwin H. and Cordelia (Newton) Mann. He was the descendant of sturdy New England ancestors who had settled in Massachusetts before 1644. When he was twelve years of age the death of his father thrust heavy responsibilities upon him, but in spite of his burdens he persevered in his studies, graduated from Cazenovia Academy and ultimately become a thorough scholar.…

Rowena Morse and Newton Mann

Cummings, Edward (1861-1926)

Edward Cummings was the son of Edward Norris and Lucretia Frances (Merrill) Cummings and was born at Colebrook, N. H., April 20, 1861. He received his A.B. at Harvard in 1883 and A.M. in 1885. Then followed three years of sociological study in Europe as the first incumbent of the Robert Treat Paine Fellowship in Social Science.…

Hale, Edward (1858-1918)

Edward Hale was ordained Associate Minister with Dr. Edward Everett Hale by the South Congregational (Unitarian) Church, Boston, on October 14, 1886. Mr. Hale was born in Northampton, Massachusetts, on February 22, 1858, the son of William Bainbridge and Amelia Porter Hale.…

The Theology of Charles Hartshorne

The following excerpts are from the writings of Charles Hartshorne. To read more about Hartshorne’s life and work, click here.

Secular knowledge supports the religious idea of God if, and only if, by religion is meant something quite distinct from what has passed as orthodox theology.