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Socrates: Inward Beauty

Give me beauty in the inward soul,

And may the inward and the outer be at one.

May I reckon wisdom to be wealth,

And may I have so much gold as a temperate person,

And only a temperate person,

Can bear and carry.…

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge: Prayers


Let us pray for the peace of the world: for diplomats and rulers that they may have wisdom and courage to improve international relationships by finding effective ways to reconcile people of different races, colors, conditions, and creeds; …
Let us pray for men, women, and children the world over that they may have justice and freedom, and live in security and peace…
Let us pray for all who suffer as a result of war: for the injured and the disabled,for the mentally distressed, for those whose faith in God and humanity has been weakened or destroyed…
Let us pray for the homeless and refugees, for those who are hungry, for all who have lost their livelihood and security…
Let us pray for those who mourn their dead, for those who have lost husband or wife, children or parents…
We pray for the peace of the world.…

Sioux Indian Prayers


Great Spirit,

The star nations all over the heavens are Yours,

And Yours are the grasses of the earth.

You are older than all need,

Older than all pain and prayer.

Great Spirit,

Teach us to walk the soft earth as relatives to all that live.…

Vincent P. Silliman: Morning So Fair To See

Morning, so fair to see,

Night veiled in mystery—

Glorious the earth and resplendent skies!

Great God, we march along,

Singing our pilgrim song,

As through an earthly paradise.

Fair are the verdant trees,

Fair are the flashing seas,

Fair is each wonder the seasons bring.…

Services of Religion: Free Nation and Free World

God, who has made us one nation out of many peoples, amid our diversities of race and tradition, unite us in a common love of freedom and in a high ambition for our national life.

Continue in us the pioneering spirit which led our fathers across the estranging sea and up held them in the wilderness.

Services for Congregational Worship: Litanies


O God, our true life, in whom and by whom all things live, who by Your spirit commands us to seek You, and are ever ready to be found; to know You is Life, to serve You is freedom to praise You is the joy and happiness of the soul.…

Seneca: We Adore You

We adore You, Framer of the Universe; Governor, Disposer, Keeper; You on whom all things depend; Mind of the world; You from whom all things spring; You by whose spirit we live; the Divine Spirit diffused through all; God supremely powerful, always present, above all other powers: we adore you.…

Albert Schweitzer: For Animals

We pray today, O God, for our friends, the animals, especially for animals who are suffering; for animals that are over-worked, under-fed, and cruelly treated; for all wistful creatures in captivity that beat their wings against bars; for any that are lost or deserted or hungry; for all that must be put to death.…

William Scarlett: For Democracy

Maker of the stars and Master of the nations of the earth, we pray for the future of all countries engaged in the audacious, ever changing, ever challenging experiment of democracy.. May we never grow weary of out task because of its difficulties.…

Dorothy L. Sayers: Hymn in Contemplation of Sudden Death

God, if this day my journey end,

I thank You first for many a friend,

The sturdy and unquestioned piers

That run beneath my bridge of years.

Next, for the power You’ve given me

To view the whole world mirthfully,

For laughter, paraclete of pain,

Like April suns across the rain.…