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Unitarianism in America, by George Willis Cooke

Harvard Square Library presents this historic article by scholar George Willis Cooke, written over 100 years ago and detailing the history of Unitarianism in America in the nineteenth century. The article describes many of the historic figures in American Unitarianism. Although some contemporary, twenty-first scholars could no doubt critique the article for its self-congratulatory approach, it can nevertheless be read as itself a historical document exhibiting Unitarianism’s view of itself at the beginning of the twentieth century.…

Mahatma Gandhi: Mohandas Gandhi, The Community Church of New York, and The American Committee on Africa

by Bruce Southworth
The Community Church of New York, Unitarian Universalist
(Prepared for the African Activist Archive Project, Michigan State University)

Elements of the freedom struggle in South Africa in the 1890s came to have enormous impact on The Community Church of New York in mid-town Manhattan during World War I and afterwards.…

Mahatma Gandhi: The Presentation of the Community Church Medal to Mahatma Gandhi

by John Haynes Homes; Community Pulpit, Series 1931-1932—No. 18

But who is to receive this first Medal for 1931? I love to think of the answer to this question which came back like a shot out of a gun when I addressed it, some months ago, to Rabbi Wise.…

Mahatma Gandhi: A Memorial Service

Mahatma Gandhi: A Memorial Service
February 1, 1948

by John Haynes Holmes

Printed in The Enduring Greatness of Gandhi: An American Estimate Being: The Sermons of Dr. John Haynes Holmes and Donald S. Harrington, Community Church of New York. Edited by Haridas T.…

Mahatma Gandhi: I Meet Gandhi

by John Haynes Holmes
Community Pulpit, Series 1931-1932, Sermon No. 2
October 11, 1931


(1) “It was a true report that I heard in mine own land of thy acts and of thy wisdom Howbeit . . . the half was not told me.”—I

Mahatma Gandhi: Gandhi Before Pilate: A Sermon on the Indian Revolution

by John Haynes Holmes
Community Pulpit, Series 1929-1930, No. 17, April 27, 1930

In recent weeks there has been one event in the world which has rivetted the attention of all serious-minded people. I refer to the march in India of Mahatma Gandhi and his band of seventy disciples from Ahmedabad to the sea.…

Mahatma Gandhi: Who is the Greatest Man in the World Today?

by John Haynes Holmes
The Community Pulpit, April 10, 1921

I am going to speak to you this morning upon what I hope will be the interesting question as to who is the greatest man in the world today. In seeking an answer to this inquiry, I imagine that all of our minds instinctively go back to the days of the Great War, and run over the names of the men who held positions of vast responsibility and power in that stupendous conflict.…

Truth and Non-violence: The Community Church and Mahatma Gandhi

by Bruce Southworth, Senior Minister
The Community Church of New York, Unitarian Universalist
October 7, 2007

Over the summer, I received an inquiry from two friends of the Church, wondering if we would be interested in having a letter dated February 8, 1945, sent to Rev.…

Mahatma Gandhi: Introduction

by Herbert F. Vetter

When I was a young conscientious objector during World War II—before I was sentenced to three years in federal prison by a judge in Lynchburgh, Virginia—I visited New York.

Rev. John Haynes Holmes, a pacifist, was preaching at the worship service of the Community Church of New York then being held in New York City’s Town Hall after a fire had ruined his eminent stone Unitarian Church.…

Mahatma Gandhi: An American Portrait – Preface

A Book by the Community Church of New York

 by John Haynes Holmes

and Bruce A. Southworth

In 2007 we at Community celebrated the centennial of John Haynes Holmes’ arrival in New York to serve The Church of the Messiah (which was how the 2nd Congregational Unitarian Church had been known since 1839).…