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Crothers, Samuel McChord (1857-1927)

Samuel McChord Crothers was born in Oswego, Illinois, on June 7, 1857, and died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on November 9, 1927. He came of vigorous Scottish Presbyterian stock, from Northern Ireland; and his mind was never more alert and active than when it was exploring areas of thought where his spiritual heritage might find expression in new and fruitful forms.…

Samuel McChord Crothers

Collyer, Robert (1823-1912)

Robert Collyer was born December 8, 1823, in Keighley, England. His father, Samuel, was an orphan who had been snatched out of an asylum in the south of England in the days before the Factory Acts, and set to work as a mere lad in a mill in the town of Fewston in Yorkshire; his mother, Harriet, was an orphan child from Norwich, brought north in the same way and set to work in the same mill.…

Robert Collyer

Frothingham, Paul Revere (1864-1926)

Dr. Frothingham inherited the best traditions of New England thought and life. His forebears were ministers, teachers, and public leaders back to Elder William Brewster of the Plymouth Company, and he had no less than four ancestors who came over in the Mayflower.…

Paul Revere Frothingham

Conway, Moncure Daniel (1832-1907)

The Heralds of a Liberal Faith┬áhave been from time to time reinforced by recruits from unexpected sources and origins. Most of the men commemorated in this volume came from New England backgrounds and from families of the Puritan stock. Occasionally, however, there flashed across their skies a meteoric visitor from a very different heritage and endowed with a sparkling brilliancy.…

Moncure Daniel Conway