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May, Joseph (1836-1918)

Joseph May was the son of Samuel Joseph May and Lucretia Flagge Coffin. His paternal grandfather was Colonel Joseph May, for over forty years a warden of King’s Chapel in Boston. His paternal grandmother was Dorothy Sewall (neice of Dorothy Quincy), a descendant of the first and sister of the second Chief Justice, Samuel Sewall.…

Chadwick, John White (1840-1914)

Where did he get the sturdy truthfulness, the brave and loyal will, the tender reverential heart, the laughing, lyric quality of his mind? The rocks and sea winds of his birthplace had somewhat to do with it. He dearly loved all things in Marblehead.…

Metcalf, Joel Hastings (1866-1925)

Joel Hastings Metcalf, clergyman-astronomer, lover of nature and of humanity, was born at Meadville, Pennsylvania, on January 4, 1866, and died at Portland, Maine, February 21, 1925. Following his graduation in 1890 from the Meadville Theological School, he took postgraduate work at the Harvard Divinity School and in that year he married Elizabeth Lockman of Cambridge.…

Joel Hastings Metcalf

Jones, Jenkin Lloyd (1843-1918)

Nine months after the Sixth Wisconsin Light Artillery had gone to the front in 1861, a group of new recruits was called for. Among them was a boy too young to go out when the battery was first mustered. It had been his hope after finishing at the Spring Green Academy to go to the youthful college forty miles away.…

Jenkin Lloyd Jones

Bond, Henry Frederick (1820-1907)

Henry Frederick Bond was born in Boston on May 12, 1820. His father was a prosperous commission merchant.  He graduated at Harvard in 1840, and after some travel for his health, he graduated from the Harvard Divinity School in 1845. He was ordained at the Unitarian church in Barre, Massachusetts on January 6, 1846, and served the First Parish for four years.…

Henry Frederick Bond

Dodson, George Rowland (1865-1939)

He could be learned without being dull. He could be a profound philosopher without being pedantic. He combined reason and reverence. In him deep religious feeling was joined to sound common sense.

George Rowland Dodson was humbly born at Jacksonville, Missouri, August 20, 1861.…

Portrait of George Rowland Dodson

Chaney, George Leonard (1836-1922)

George Leonard Chaney, son of James and Harriet (Webb) Chaney, was born in Salem, Massachusetts, on December 24, 1836, the descendant of family stocks long settled in Essex County. He was educated at the Salem High and Latin Schools and at Harvard College, from which he received his bachelor’s degree in 1859.…

George Leonard Chaney

Hosmer, Frederick Lucian (1840-1929)

Biographical Introduction

One of the premier Unitarian hymn writers. Hosmer was born in Framingham, Massachusetts on October 16, 1840, the son of Charles and Susan Hosmer. He graduated from Harvard College in 1862, and then went on to Harvard Divinity School.…

Frederick Lucian Hosmer

Sullivan, William Laurence (1872-1935)

William Sullivan was born on November 15, 1872, at East Braintree, Massachusetts, far from the lovely Irish town of Bandon from which Patrick and Joanna Sullivan had come to America only the year before. Neither he nor she dreamed that they were welcoming a son whose gifts of mind and heart were to win for him a place among the intellectual and spiritual leaders of his time.…

William Laurence Sullivan

“Conrad Wright and the Course of American Intellectual History” by David Robinson



Citation: Robinson, David. “Conrad Wright and the Course of American Intellectual History.” Journal of Unitarian Universalist History 35 (2012): 25–30.

Reprinted with permission from the Journal of Unitarian Universalist History

Contents of Vol. 35, offered here with full text, include: 

Conrad Wright’s Search for a Usable Past” by George Kimmich Beach

Librarianship for the Covenant” by Elizabeth Curtiss

Conrad Wright, Perry Miller, and Unitarian History” by Dean Grodzins

Walking Together with Conrad” by Gloria Korsman

Conrad Wright and the Course of American Intellectual History” by David Robinson…