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“Liberal Dissenters Unite to Form the Unitarian Church”

Chapter XVII: “Liberal Dissenters Unite to Form the Unitarian Church”
(particularly pp. 316-25) Earl Morse Wilbur

A History of Unitarianism, vol. 2
(Harvard, 1952)

The usefulness of this chapter is to understand the different polity background of Unitarianism in Great Britain.…

James II’s “The Declaration of Indulgence,” 1688

The Declaration of Indulgence, 1688

James II did not remain King, so this Declaration did not abide, and it began as an effort to increase Puritan power to offset Anglicanism. James, of course, sought to advance Catholicism.

The Declaration is included here to indicate beyond all the politics of such declarations how strong was the growing movement toward a wide religious toleration.…

Robert Browne, “The Life and Manners of All True Christians”

“The Life and Manners of All True Christians” (1582)

Robert Browne

in Creeds and Platforms of Congregationalism by Williston Walker

(Pilgrim, 1969 – original 1893), pp. 18-27

Browne was an English minister who because of his extreme views on the nature of the church withdrew temporarily to Holland in 1581.…

The Diet of Torda

“Act of Religious Tolerance and Freedom of Conscience”

King John Sigismund (1540 – 71) at the Diet of Torda (1568)

Three translations of this short act are given. The first which appears in David B. Parke’s The Epic of Unitarianism (Starr King, 1957) is by the Sate Alexander St.…

The Polish Brethren

Edited by George Huntston Williams

The Proceedings of the Unitarian Historical Society

(vol. XVIII, Part 11, 1978 – 79, pp. 431-45)

George Williams (1914 -) was a long time church historian at Harvard Divinity School, now with emeritus status.

This is taken from Chapter 3 of the First Book of Ecclesiastical Polity explained by Peter Morzkowski, a minister, in 1646.…

The Unitarians and the Universalists

The Unitarians and the Universalists

by David Robinson

(Greenwood, 1985)

This book of Unitarian Universalist history is the only such major work in print (1991). As such it has to be assigned for any history course and so it is assumed that students will already be familiar with it.…

Young, Owen D. (1874-1962)

Owen D. Young was born in Van Hornesville, New York, on October 27, 1874. He was 16 years old when his parents mortgaged the farm to send him to St. Lawrence University at Canton, N.Y., a Universalist educational institutional which was part of his family’s liberal religious lifelong affiliation.…


The Autobiographies of Louise and Andrew Carnegie

Harvard Square Library is pleased to present below the full text of Louise Carnegie’s autobiography and an excerpt from the autobiography of Andrew Carnegie.