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Eliot, John (1754-1813)

John Eliot was born in Boston, May 31, 1754. He was the fourth son and seventh child of the Rev. Andrew Eliot, D.D., and Elizabeth (Langdon), his wife. At the age of seven years he was placed at the North Grammar School in Boston, where in due time he was fitted for college.…

John Eliot

Garver, Austin Samuel (1849-1918)

Austin Samuel Garver was born in Scotland, Pennsylvania on December 12, 1849, and died in Worcester, Massachusetts, on June 20, 1918. He graduated from the Andover Theological School in 1871, and in the following year was ordained to the Congregational ministry.…

Austin Samuel Garver

Knapp, Arthur May (1841-1921)

It was the happy lot of Arthur May Knapp to be the pioneer leader of a unique missionary adventure. He was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, on May 29, 1841, and prepared for college at the famous Allen School in West Newton.…

Arthur May Knapp

Blackwell, Antoinette Brown (1825-1921)

Antoinette Brown came of New England stock, sturdy and long-lived pioneers in Connecticut. Her grandfather, Joseph Brown of Thompson, Connecticut, served in the army all through the Revolutionary War and her father, another Joseph Brown, was in the War of 1812.…

Antoinette Brown Blackwell

Noyes, George Rapall (1788-1868)

George Rapall Noyes, scholar, pastor, teacher, author, was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts, March 6, 1788, the son of Nathaniel and Mary (Rapall) Noyes. He came from a good Puritan and New England stock, which had minister in its blood, his first ancestor in this country being Nicholas Noyes, who landed on its shores in 1634 and whose father and brother were both clergymen.…

George Rapall Noyes

Newell, William (1804-1881)

William Newell was born at Littleton, Massachusetts, February 25, 1804. His father, Jonathan Newell, kept the village store. His mother was Nancy Tuttle. When William was still a child, the family moved to Boston, where in 1814 he entered the Latin School.…

William Newell

Potter, William James (1830-1893)

William James Potter was born in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, February 1, 1830. This at least is the probable date, though the year is sometimes given as 1829. His parents were members of the Society of Friends, and the boy, who was the youngest of nine children, was trained in the simple Quaker faith, many of whose familiar characteristics he never lost.…

William James Potter

Channing, William Henry (1810-1884)

William Henry Channing was the only son of Francis Dana Channing, who was the oldest of a remarkable family of brothers, whose influence in different spheres has been widely recognized. The oldest, he was also regarded as one of the ablest; but his early death left him comparatively unknown to this generation.…

William Henry Channing

King, Thomas Starr (1824-1864)

Thomas Starr King was born in the city of New York, December 17, 1824. His parents were Thomas Farrington King, a Universalist minister, and Susan Starr, both of New York. After short pastorates in Norwalk, Connecticuit, Hudson, New York, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Mr.…

Thomas Starr King

Parker, Theodore (1810-1860)

Shortly before Theodore Parker’s death in Florence he said one day to Frances Power Cobbe: “There are two Theodore Parkers now: one is dying here in Italy; the other I have planted in America. He will live there, and finish my work.”…

Theodore Parker