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Women & Religion

Women in UU History

This series offers a collection of biographies and other materials about women in Unitarian Universalist history.

Standing Before Us

The Harvard Square Library presents Standing Before Us, a presentation of 160 years of women’s work by Dorothy Emerson. This volume contains letters, essays, stories, poems and speeches by Unitarian and Universalist women, and includes a biographical sketch of each woman and notes on the texts.

Community Ministry

UU community ministers work in areas of social justice, chaplaincy, authorship and the arts, and educational and institutional leadership. This is ministry beyond the churches – it is community ministry.

Cakes for the Queen of Heaven

This book accompany’s the Unitarian Universalist Association’s seminal religious education course of the same title, first published in the early 1980s. We are delighted to have Rev. Shirley Ann Ranck’s book available at HSL.

Notable in UU History
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

On the memorial tablet underneath a marble bust of Emerson in the transept of the Second ... Read More
Rowena Morse Mann

Rowena Morse Mann: First Woman Doctor of Philosophy, 1870-1958

By Catherine F. Hitchings What follows is an edited collation of biographical articles appearing in the ... Read More
Joseph Fisher

Joseph Fisher

Joseph Lyman Fisher was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, on January 11, 1914. He attended public ... Read More
Ruth Hubbard

Ruth Hubbard

Ruth Hubbard, Professor Emerita of Biology at Harvard University, was born in Austria and escaped Nazism ... Read More