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Preface, Hands, by Dorothy Spoerl

Front Cover of Hands

Front Cover of Hands

The booklets in this series were originally written as scientific materials for use in religious education. Other educators and many parents, however, will find much of value in their thoughtful and unusual approach designed to interest children in the everyday wonders of nature and science

Each booklet is complete in itself, offering the child the joy of discovery and of actual experimentation. Each is scientifically accurate but written in the child’s language by experienced educational experts. A guide for parents and teachers is included in every volume. The illustrations combine with the text to leave the young reader with a sense of lasting order and beauty.

For more about Dorothy Spoerl, see HSL’s biography of her here.

[HSL Director’s Note: Hands was published in 1961 by the Beacon Press. Twentieth-first century readers may notice that the original text includes some phrases that we now try to avoid, such as the characterization of male and female genders or using the male gender to refer to people of both genders.]

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