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Ursula M. Niebuhr: For the Day of Light

O God, who has placed us in a world You and we constantly create, we give thanks as we work and as we pray. We praise You for the day of light and life, for the night which brings rest and sleep, and for the ordered course of nature, seedtime and harvest. We bless You for the joy of children and the wisdom of the old. We thank You for the love of God and people which shines forth in commonplace lives, and above allfor the vision of You in silent meditation, in fellowship, in the sacrament of the shared life, and in prayer. We praise Your name now and forever more.

Ursula M. Niebuhr (1907-1997) founded the religion department at Barnard College in 1931 and continued as professor and chairwoman there for two decades. Born in Southampton, England, she was the first woman to win a fellowship to Union Theological Seminary. It was there she met the famous theologian, Reinhold Niebuhr, whom she married in 1931.



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