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Let us pray for the peace of the world: for diplomats and rulers that they may have wisdom and courage to improve international relationships by finding effective ways to reconcile people of different races, colors, conditions, and creeds; …
Let us pray for men, women, and children the world over that they may have justice and freedom, and live in security and peace…
Let us pray for all who suffer as a result of war: for the injured and the disabled,for the mentally distressed, for those whose faith in God and humanity has been weakened or destroyed…
Let us pray for the homeless and refugees, for those who are hungry, for all who have lost their livelihood and security…
Let us pray for those who mourn their dead, for those who have lost husband or wife, children or parents…
We pray for the peace of the world.

Fountain of Hope within each breath and body;
Divine Deliverer from deepest loneliness, despair;
Source of eternal strength and inspiration:
Be our God, our living God.

As You are Truth beyond all rigid prejudice:
Grant us to share Your free mind’s open search.

As You are good beyond all selfish striving:
Grant us to share Your joy in giving love.

As You are Beauty known beyond our turmoil:
Grant us a vision of Your radiance unexcelled.

As You are free, with urge toward healthy growing:
Grant us to rise toward the unattained.

Where there is sorrow, may we bring comfort;
Where there is sickness, health;
Where there is false fear, trust;
Where there is conflict, courage;
Where there is envy, appreciation;
Where there is needless war, peace.

Source of eternal strength and inspiration:
Be our rock, our dayspring, and our joy.

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