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Sidney Mead: For Wisdom

God of all, grant us our due portion of wisdom.

May our minds be set fast on justice; may our hearts be soft with compassion as we daily walk humbly with You, the God of both.

May we be eyes when others cannot see, ears when they cannot hear, hands when their work languishes, and feet when they stumble on the way.

Grant us grace to love our brothers and sisters as they are, for what they can be; and more grace to resist trying to make them over into our image.

Sidney Mead (1904-1999) was a historian of religion in the United States. He described the development of American Christianity as a tension between followers of reason and followers of revelation, and gives greater focus to the legacy of “rationalists.” He was raised with American-Baptist affiliation and joined the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations while teaching at University of Chicago.


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