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Samuel McChord Crothers: The Eternal Now

Eternal Power moving through our very life this moment, we rejoice in Your working through the ages. As we are mindful of Your deathless pow er in us, may our work and our worship become one. May we be mindful of our being co-creators with You in this fathomless Universe, which is our home. Scarcely can we see the height, depth, length and breadth of Your love, which unites us with ancient and emerging stars, as well as with ancient and emerging cells. Through Your strength, we seek to enlarge our view of the life of ages flowing in our own lives this very moment andforever.

Samuel McChord Crothers (1857–1927) switched to the Unitarian Church in 1882 after beginning his pastoral career in the Presbyterian Church. In 1894 he became minister at First Parish in Cambridge (Unitarian) in Massachusetts. He was a popular preacher and distinguished essayist. Read his complete biography here.

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