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Orders of Worship, Manchester College, Oxford


Almighty God, we are thankful for this land which is our home. From shore to shore may we be blessed with honorable industry and sound learning. May we shun needless violence and discord as we act to defend our liberties and preserve our unity. May those to whom the authority of government is entrusted serve with wisdom, prudence, and courage, so that there may be true justice and peace at home and abroad. May the many languages spoken by the people of this nation strengthen us in our common pursuit of happiness. May we and all nations unite in contributing what is excellent both to one another and to You, the death less Giver and Receiver of our lives.


Everliving God, we rejoice in Your constancy throughout all change. We sing praise to You for the newness of each morning, as well as for the faithfulness of night.

We rejoice in the riches of nature and in the very fact of our existence today. You raise us above lowness of mind and sadness of spirit by en abling us to see our work and our rest, our joy and our sorrow, as parts of Your divine process.


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