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Ludwig van Beethoven


O God, give me strength to be victorious over myself. Guide my spirit; raise me from these dark depths that my soul, trans ported through Your wisdom, may fearlessly struggle in fiery flight; for You alone understand and You alone can inspire me.


We praise Your goodness that You have left nothing undone to draw us to Yourself; but one thing we ask of You, O God; that You not cease Your work in our improvement. Let us tend toward You, no matter by what means, and be fruitful in good works.

Ludwig van Beethoven (c. 1770–1827) was one of the most influential and famous musicians of all time. As a German composer and virtuoso pianist, he wrote, performed, and conducted orchestral and instrumental masterpieces, even after suffering total hearing loss in 1814. He was attracted to Enlightenment ideas and composed words and music to honor humanity.

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