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Joachim Neander


All my hope on You is founded;

You, dear God, my trust renew;

Me through change and chance You pilot,

Only good and only true.

Deeply known,

You alone

Call my heart to be Your own.

Pride of man and earthly glory,

Sword and crown betray Your trust:

What with care and toil we build here,

Tower and temple fall to dust.

But Your power

Hour by hour

Is my temple and my tower.

Your great goodness endures always,

Deep Your wisdom passing thought:

Splendor, light and life attend You,

Beauty springs up out of naught.


From Your store

New born worlds rise and adore.



Praise be to You, the Almighty, the God of creation;

My soul will praise You, for You are my health and salvation:

All you who hear,

Brothers and sisters,draw near,

Join in the glad adoration.

Praise be to You, who does prosper our work and defend us;

Surely Your goodness and mercy here daily attend us:

We see anew

What You, Almighty, can do,

Who with Your love does befriend us.

Praise be to You, O let all that is in us adore You!

All that has life and breath come now with praises before You!

Let the Amen

Sound from Your people again:

Gladly for eye we adore You.

Joachim Neander (1850-1680) was a German Reformed church teacher, theologian, and hymn writer. Many consider him the first important German hymnist after the Reformation.



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