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Dionysius of Alexandria: Peace

Great God, the sacred One-in-All,
Good beyond all that is good,
Fair beyond all that is fair,
In whom are calmness and peace.
Make up the dissensions which divide us from each other.
Bring us back to a unity of love
Which bears some likeness to Your sublime nature.
As You are one amidst and above all events,
Make us one through the unanimity of a sound mind,
That through the embrace of love,
We may be spiritually one,
As well in ourselves as in each other,
By that peace of Yours which makes all things peaceful.

Dionysius of Alexandria (c. 190–265) became bishop of Alexandria in 248. Raised a pagan, he converted to Christianity after receiving a vision that he said persuaded him to study and refute the heresies of the church. Some of his more controversial positions included questioning the authorship of the Book of Revelation, and denouncing the Millenarian idea of Jesus Christ’s return to earth. During his reign as bishop, Dionysius was forced into exile for years at a time during Roman persecution against Christians.

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