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An English Common Prayer: We Give Thanks

We give thanks, O God for the wonder of creation, for the gifts of human life and fellowship.

For the wisdom of leaders in diverse fields, for their strength and courage to carry out the duties of their various callings;

For the administrators of local, national, and international governments, that they may act with discernment amidst the crises of our time, moderating racial and social conflicts;

For those in industry and commerce, in trade and business, for mutual care and cooperation;

For exemplars of art and music, theater and entertainment, sport and leisure, in recognition of gifts given to one another;

For every mode of communication, in literature and press, movies and film, radio and television, telephone, computer, and ad vancing forms of telecommunication across the planet and in space in the service of truth;

For education in family and school, college and university, at work and everywhere encouraging maturity and fulfillment of life.

For the service of those in sickness and need, anxiety and suffering, actions expressing a community that cares, we give thanks now and evermore.

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