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American Student Hymnal: Labor

Worker of the world, we are thankful for those about us whose labor enhances our lives day by day:
For men and women who face peril and suffer pain;
For those who fill the earth and tend machinery;
For those who strive in deep waters and venture in far countries;
For those who work in offices and warehouses;
For those who labor at furnaces and in factories;
For those who toil in mines and in space;
For those who buy and sell;
For those who care for children and families;
For all who live by strength of arm and hand;
For all who manage and govern;
For all who enrich the common life through the arts and sciences; For all who teach and communicate;
And for all who serve the common good as religious leaders, physicians,lawyers, engineers, librarians, social workers, and diplomats.
We are thankful for all whose labor enhances our lives.

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