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Celebrating Easter and Spring

Rev. Mark Harris and Carl Seaburg published this collection of hymns and readings in 2000 to help UUs celebrate the spring season and the Easter holiday, which can be one of the trickiest for UUs to observe, given its Christian implications. The collection is part of a larger series  of materials that helps Unitarian Universalists celebrate the seasons of the year and the seasons in a life. In addition to their collection “Celebrating Christmas,” which focuses on the Advent of Jesus in a way that is helpful and meaningful to UUs, this collect of materials for “Celebrating Easter” takes the spring season of Lent as its theme.

The series also includes “Great Occasions,” intended for life-cycle celebrations, and “The Communion Book,” which gathers together sixty-six communion services from around the country that help bind UUs together. Both are available from Skinner House Books at the UUA Bookstore.

Harvard Square Library is very pleased to offer this material on its site at the end of the winter of 2014, one of the harshest, coldest, and snowiest winters North America has seen in many years.  May the words and songs contained herein help bring the spirit of spring once again to your hearts.

Easter Book by harvardsquarelibrary

This title is available on Scribd here.

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