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10) The Church in Harvard Square: A New Meeting House
The Church in Harvard Square   

These materials were prepared for the First Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts (UU), celebrating its history from the early seventeenth century.


A History of Cambridge  by Abiel Holmes

An illustrated version (designed exclusively for Harvard Square Library) of the first history of Cambridge, Massachusetts, inclusive of early theological controversies.


Sacred Service in Civic Space by Kathleen R. Parker

This history of three hundred years of community ministry chronicles the work of UU ministers in social justice, chaplaincy, authorship and the arts, and educational and institutional leadership.


Three Prophets of Religious Liberalism by Conrad Wright

Historic context for three important sermons:  “Unitarian Christianity” by Channing, “The Divinity School Address” by Emerson, and “The Transient and Permanent” by Parker.


Unitarianism in America  by George Willis Cooke

This article (written in 1900) details the history of Unitarianism in America to that point and describes many of its historic figures.


The Unitarian and Universalist Invention of Christmas by Susan Ritchie

An historical account of the role played by Unitarians and Universalists in the celebration of Christmas in America; plus five historic Unitarian Christmas stories.