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The Cambridge Platform of 1648

“The Cambridge Platform” (1648)

in American Christianity, Volume 1

1607-1820 (Scribner’s, 1960)

by H. Shelton Smith et al., pp. 129-40

This version in modern English covers the points of the Platform, while leaving out parts mainly extraneous to the present day.

The theological grounding for the Platform is of interest particularly as it spills out in matters of polity.

The radical polity of the Platform did not extend to individual freedom of belief for congregants within a parish (Chapters XIII & XIV).

Particular attention to the issue of the communion of churches and the holding of synods (Chapters XV & XVI) should provide argument as to whether the later Unitarian movement (the AJA) found grounding there.

The full text of The Cambridge Platform is available via Google Books, here.

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