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Congregational Polity

UUA General Assembly Minutes

Historic Minutes of the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly, 1962-1992; plus, the original 1961 Bylaws.

The Universalist Convention of 1915

One hundred years ago, the United Universalist Conventions met in Pasadena, California, for their 1915 convention. Attendees traveled together to Pasadena by Pullman train from points all across America. Through the generous permission of the Andover-Harvard Theological Library at Harvard Divinity School, HSL has digitized many documents about this historic convention, and hopes that we modern readers might get a taste of the sense of fellowship that permeated this historic gathering.

The Church in Harvard Square

This series offers an illustrated history of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist in Cambridge, including pictures and text describing the first three centuries of the church, which was founded in 1636.

Polity Among the Unitarians and Universalists

In the early 1990s, the Rev. Peter S. Raible of Seattle’s University Unitarian Church created a collection of materials relating to Unitarian and Universalist polity. Today, the materials in this packet continue to be used in UU seminarians’ courses on congregational polity. Harvard Square Library is grateful for the permission extended by Raible’s relatives allowing HSL to make the material available online, as is our custom, for free to a worldwide audience.

Community Ministry

UU community ministers work in areas of social justice, chaplaincy, authorship and the arts, and educational and institutional leadership. This is ministry beyond the churches – it is community ministry.

Notable in UU History
George Huntston Williams

George Huntston Williams: Historian of the Christian Church, 1914-2000

by Forrest Church Senior Minister, Unitarian Church of All Souls in New York City Recalling the ... Read More
Rowena Morse Mann

Rowena Morse Mann: First Woman Doctor of Philosophy, 1870-1958

By Catherine F. Hitchings What follows is an edited collation of biographical articles appearing in the ... Read More
Otis Gray Harrison

Notable American Unitarians: Business — Harrison Gray Otis

Harrison Gray Otis, 1765-1848 This Unitarian businessman and lawyer was appointed by George Washington as a ... Read More

Mr. Shepard

The Reverend THOMAS SHEPARD was born in Towcester, near Northampton, in Great-Britain, November 5, 1605. He ... Read More