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Von Ogden Vogt

Author Von Ogden Vogt (1879-1964) was a master liturgist who excelled at celebrating Life in the liberal religious tradition while serving as the minister of the First Unitarian Church of Chicago. Now available free online is Vogt’s book, Art and Religion.

Notable in UU History
Otis Gray Harrison

Notable American Unitarians: Business — Harrison Gray Otis

Harrison Gray Otis, 1765-1848 This Unitarian businessman and lawyer was appointed by George Washington as a ... Read More
Blanche Ames Ames

Blanche Ames Ames: Artist & Women’s Rights Activist, 1878-1969

by Heather Miller, Writer and Editor Born in Lowell, Massachusetts to a prominent family, Blanche Ames ... Read More
Robert Seamans

Robert Seamans

Robert C. Seamans, Jr., had a long and distinguished career in aeronautical and astronautical engineering. He ... Read More
Sir Richard Saltonstall

Notable American Unitarians: Sources of the Liberal Faith – Sir Richard Saltonstall

Sir Richard Saltonstall, 1586-1658 A member of the Massachusetts Bay Company, he sailed on the Arbella ... Read More