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Religion and Science

This series collects Harvard Square Library’s offerings about religion and science in one place. Currently it features “Of Stars and Men” by Harlow Shapley.

Notable in UU History
Ichabod Nichols

Ichabod Nichols (1784-1859)

Ichabod Nichols was born in Portsmouth, N.H., July 5, 1784. His parents were Ichabod and Lydia ... Read More
Celia Parker Woolley

Celia Parker Woolley (1848-1918)

A leading citizen and reformer in Chicago, Woolley was born on June 14, 1848 in Toledo, ... Read More
Jeanne Chall

Jeanne Chall

Jeanne Sternlicht Chall was a psychologist, a leading expert in reading research and instruction for over ... Read More
Derek Bok

Derek Bok

Derek Curtis Bok (born March 22, 1930) is an American lawyer and educator, and the acting ... Read More