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Community Ministry

UU community ministers work in areas of social justice, chaplaincy, authorship and the arts, and educational and institutional leadership. This is ministry beyond the churches – it is community ministry.

Notable in UU History
George Ticknor

Notable American Unitarians: Education — George Ticknor

George Ticknor, 1791-1871 After George—then only ten years old—was interviewed by the president of Dartmouth College, ... Read More
Dorothy Spoerl

Spoerl, Dorothy T. (1909-1996)

Below is Spoerl's autobiography, abridged from an interview with Margaret Gooding and Helen Zidowecki and supplemented with ... Read More
Seymour Kety

Seymour Kety

A member of the National Academy of Sciences since 1962, Seymour Kety was an outstanding scientific ... Read More

Transcendentalism and Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Living Legacy of Ralph Waldo Emerson “Mind is the only reality. The real person is ... Read More